boom bah la boom


  • Asromanista2001's Avatar
    By Asromanista2001 on 11 Jun `10, 2:40PM in Football & EPL
    South Africa vs Mexico  >> this is a nobrainer ! just bet on Mexico +1.5 at 1.14, sure win one so bet big !   Cameroon vs Japan  >> bet on Cameroon beating the Japs at 1.95 and bet big ! Slovakia vs New Zealand  >> another nobrainer ! bet on Slova…
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    By Catknight on 11 Jun `10, 10:16AM in Speaker’s Corner
    Now you guys know many chinese that move  over to Vancouver are from Hong kong and hence speak cantonese…but they’re facing competition and disdain from mainlanders who speak mandarin telling them to stop speaking English

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